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Today we have launched ROOS Coffee scrub!



ROOS Coffee Scrub
ROOS Coffee scrub is made out of the highest quality ingredients and 100% natural. The name says it already .. the main ingredient of the scrub is coffee!


100% Natural
Many cosmetic products contains out of  chemical substances, these substances are inexpensive and are therefore used. But these substances don’t take care of our skin at all.
In fact, it only deteriorated the skin! Most scrubbing products contains out of plastic particles these particles are used for scrubbing, these plastic particles end up in our water, which have created a quite natural problem.


We have been searching for a scrub that is not only good for the skin but for the environment also. It is important not only to take care for ourselves but also for the world around us!
''Everyone deserves affordable cosmetic products that not only work, but are also made out of the highest quality ingredients. ''


Organic Coffee
The main ingredient of our scrubs is coffee. The caffeine from the ground coffee beans has several good characteristics.


In the husk of the coffee beans are high doses of flavonoids and magnesium, which ensure that the metabolism improves within and between the cells.
This gives the skin a beautiful colour, a smoother texture and will feel softer.


Caffeine also reduce cellulite, scars, acne, psoriasis, stretch marks and other skin imperfections.



Psstt... ROOS Coffee scrub also stimulates breakdown of fat in the fat cells.


´´Just try me, and you will feel it´´



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